Research work

Among the works carried out by the department, it is necessary to note the most significant ones that lead the department to the leading position on the strategic issues being developed in Kazakhstan.


The department carries out research in accordance with contracts with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, MEP, JSC "Science Foundation", which are related to the current problems of building engineering systems, as well as environmental protection by neutralizing and recycling waste in industry. Scientific researches are conducted with the involvement of undergraduates and students on scientific and technical programs of the republican level on the topic of STP # 723 UGM.09 - MES RK "New technologies for hydrocarbon and mining and metallurgy sectors and related service industries", scientific adviser dt. Mr., Prof. M.Myrzakhmetov,


Research N ° 22-1с of the Fund of Science JSC for the project "Development of scientific and technical principles for the creation of a drainless technology for ore mining and processing enterprises of non-ferrous metallurgy" - supervisor of studies Dr.Sc., prof. M.Myrzakhmetov,

№ 8.825.09 JSC "Science Foundation" - "Increasing the efficiency of small power plants by improving the water supply system" scientific adviser J. Kasymbekov

№ 709.0.07 / 3 MEP RK 003 "Scientific research in the field of environmental protection" theme "Ensuring environmental safety of CHP" - supervisor of studies Dr.Sc., prof. M.Myrzakhmetov.

№747 MON. ГФ.12.2. Technologies for obtaining silicate - sodium composite astringent and heat-resistant products on the basis of rocks, ashes of thermal power plants and slags of the program №120 MES RK "Grant financing" -M.Myrzakhmetov.

№747 MON. GF.12.8. "Creation of innovative technologies for wastewater treatment and utilization that take into account the natural and climatic conditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan" program # 120 MES RK "Grant Financing" - M.Myrzakhmetov.

№740 MON.11 / 1.2 "Investigation of technological characteristics of water protection measures at non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises" "Targeted development of university science focused on innovative results" for 2012 - M.Myrzakhmetov.

№ 740 MON. Feasibility study of a small hydro power plant with a hydrocyclone water supply system - Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Kasymbekov

№ 751 MON GF 12.16 "Optimization of reclamation works in the open development of mineral deposits" - M.Myrzakhmetov.

No. 1415 / GF 4. "Research and development of technology for purifying natural waters from anthropogenic pollution and improving the quality of drinking water for water supply in the city of Astana". "Grant Financing" Ph.D. Sidorova N.V. Hoz. Contract No. 109. "Research work on the study of the possibility of using the water of the Eastern quarry in agriculture." Ph.D. Sidorova N.V.


According to the results of the research, theses, publications, educational and methodical complexes, methodical instructions are prepared.


The results of scientific research are reported at scientific conferences seminars. The relevance of the studies is confirmed by the fact that the work is carried out in accordance with the applied and fundamental programs of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan,


The scientific level of carried out research meets modern requirements for scientific novelty, the practical significance of the work performed. Pilot-industrial tests of new technologies for obtaining various building materials, as well as on objects of engineering systems and structures, have been carried out.


Conducting research work at the department is carried out with a broad involvement of students in paid staff positions.