Material base

At the department, to improve the material and technical support, a number of activities were carried out: the establishment of network equipment and the creation of conditions for a local computer network with connection to the Internet.


In the Internet class (audience 206 MUK) a schedule of students' access to the Internet was made on days, as well as in the classroom of 214 MUK students studying in specialty 050729 "Construction" pass laboratory classes (10% of specialty disciplines - on electronic and magnetic media). The number and quality of modern computer equipment, equipping computer classes provides students access to the global Internet network, which allows you to use current, necessary and objective information for the implementation of abstracts, independent works, coursework and projects.


According to the results of the research, theses, publications, educational and methodical complexes, methodical instructions are prepared.


The results of scientific research are reported at scientific conferences seminars. The relevance of the studies is confirmed by the fact that the work is carried out in accordance with the applied and fundamental programs of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The scientific level of carried out research meets modern requirements for scientific novelty, the practical significance of the work performed. Pilot-industrial tests of new technologies for obtaining various building materials, as well as on objects of engineering systems and structures, have been carried out.


5 laboratories have been created: Heating, Ventilation and Gas Supply (Ts2-MUK), Hydraulics and Pumps (C5-MUK), Water Supply and Sewerage (C6-MUK), Heat Engineering and TGU (C7-MUK), Water Chemistry And microbiology (207-MUK), as well as a specialized audience "Training Center for Water Use" (320MUK).


The state of safety and fire safety of training laboratories and offices is satisfactory.