Research work

The department has close connection with research and design institutes, and also the organizations, the enterprises of a construction profile as KAZNIISSA and KAZGOR, with foreign Higher education institutions as the Krakow technological university, the Kyrgyz State University of construction, transport and architecture, etc.

On material support the department is served by 2 computer classes of institute of architecture of construction and (20 personal computers) on them necessary educational programs (14 programs) are installed:

1.graficheskiye: аutocad-2008,2013 Archicad, 3d max, photoshop

2.raschetnye: skad, compass 3d, monomove, Lira 9.4, foundation 12.4, stark es, ansys 6,0,ABC

3.perevodchiki: complex Fine reader, Promt

4. virtual laboratory works "Geotechnics" in 309 incorporated banks. Laboratories of Department are equipped with the following devices and the equipment:

1. The hammer for measurement of durability of concrete - Original SCHMIDT

2. Locator of Fittings Locator fittings

3. The measuring instrument of a protective layer of concrete - POISK-2.51

4. A vibration analyzer of processing equipment, fudament, engines, etc. - Vibran-2.25

5. VIMS-2.11 the Measuring instrument of humidity of materials - VIMS-2.11

6. The measuring instrument of length of piles (the device of diagnostics of piles) - a range-2.0.

7. Measuring instruments of adhesion (durability) in a stone laying - PSO-30 MG4

8. Tension measuring instrument in armature-EIN-MG4

9. The soil density measuring instrument - HMP LFG-SD+

10. The explosive hydraulic machine for static tests of metals - R-50

11. Installation for static tests of samples of building constructions on a bend and compression - Is made by forces and at the expense of Stroitelstvo department

12. The seismoplatform for definition of dynamic characteristics of buildings - Is made by forces and at the expense of Stroitelstvo department

13. A wind tunnel to creation snego-and peskozanosimost are expensive also creations of a wind stream to power generation on the basis of the wind turbine - Is made by forces and at the expense of Stroitelstvo department

For ensuring further improvement of educational process of department applications for acquisitions of standard sets of the educational equipment, laboratory stands, visual aids, and settlement and graphic programs for disciplines of specialty "Construction" are submitted.