Material base

Maintenance of speciality "Building" is conducted mainly in building of small educational corps (SEC), Material and technical base of preparation of specialists on speciality "Building" conforms to the requirements of building norms and rules  and state epidemic supervision

Department, "Building" functions from September, 1, 2008. and occupies the apartments of PANGS :

  1. SEC - 313 cabinet manager. by a department
  2. SEC- 305,306 cabinets of faculty advisors and educational-auxiliary personnel - 34,0 м2 and 30,8 м2
  3. SEC-308 the audience for seismic stability building, equipped by an interactive board, - 56 м2
  4. SEC-300 cabinet of the Advanced research study  of master's degrees and students - 7,5 м2.
  5. SEC- 301 professorial - 11 м2.
  6. SEC-302 is an audience on an engineer on 12 landings place - 18 м2.
  7. SEC-303-lecture hall State attestation commission on 45 place - 54 м2 .
  8. SEC-304 cabineton metallic constructions on36place39,4м2.
  9. SEC-307-computer class on 12 place -31м2.
  10. SEC- 309-educational cabinet with virtual laboratory works on discipline into 20 places - 37,9 м2.
  11. SEC- 309-educational cabinet with virtual laboratory works on disciplinegeotechnics20places37,9м2. 
  12. SEC- 310 is an audience on technology of building production  on 30 places-38,9м2 .
  13. SEC-312- cabineton reinforce-concrete constructions on 30places37,9 м2 .
  14. SEC   314-audience on architectural designs on 30 places-38,6
  15.    10 Tests Construction laboratory on 15 places-36 м2 are equipped on 30% there is a repair
  16.     09 Building constructions laboratory on 15 places-36 м2are equipped on 40% there is a repair
  17. 08 Geotekhnika laboratory on 8 places-18 м2 are equipped for 10%. On each laboratory the passport is made there are magazines on the equipment of fire safety.


In the Internet - a class (audience of 307 ) there is an access for students to the Internet, and also there take place laboratory researches in "Construction". The quantity and quality of the modern computer equipment, equipment of computer classes provides access for students to a wide area network "Internet" that allows to use the up-to-date, necessary and objective information for execution of papers, independent operations, term papers and projects.


The available laboratory equipment, and also the equipment of research and development sections correspond to obtaining practical skills and abilities at students on different disciplines of all-professional and special aspect.


So, for a study of properties of construction materials there is a laboratory of test a construction, for obtaining practical skills and abilities of operation with a metering equipment for a discipline study "Test of buildings and constructions" is available the appropriate equipment, instruments and tools: deflectometers, tensiometers and Schmidt's hammer, accessories Locator, etc. The educational benchs used when training students, the equipment and the software allow to give knowledge to students according to requirements of a present situation, and also acquaintance to technologies of the future, such as: creation of a three-dimensional virtual object, the description of products in the form of digital models, use of the modern achievements in techniques of measurement and an assessment of quality of materials and its properties.


There are audiences conforming to the qualification requirements imposed to organization activity of education and requirements of the state obligatory standards of implementable specialties.


The level of equipment of industrial practice and laboratory offices conforms to requirements imposed to the organization of educational process for disciplines. For execution of educational process at institute there are 8 specialized educational laboratories equipped with the appropriate equipment, the equipment and tools on all courses.


On material support the department is served by 2 computer classes of institute of architecture of construction and (20 personal computers) on them necessary educational programs (14 programs) are installed:

1.graficheskiye: аutocad-2008,2013 Archicad, 3d max, photoshop

2.raschetnye: skad, compass 3d, monomove, Lira 9.4, foundation 12.4, stark es, ansys 6,0,ABC

3.perevodchiki: complex Fine reader, Promt

4. virtual laboratory works "Geotechnics" in 309 incorporated banks. Laboratories of Department are equipped with the following devices and the equipment:

1. The hammer for measurement of durability of concrete - Original SCHMIDT

2. Locator of Fittings Locator fittings

3. The measuring instrument of a protective layer of concrete - POISK-2.51

4. A vibration analyzer of processing equipment, fudament, engines, etc. - Vibran-2.25

5. VIMS-2.11 the Measuring instrument of humidity of materials - VIMS-2.11

6. The measuring instrument of length of piles (the device of diagnostics of piles) - a range-2.0.

7. Measuring instruments of adhesion (durability) in a stone laying - PSO-30 MG4

8. Tension measuring instrument in armature-EIN-MG4

9. The soil density measuring instrument - HMP LFG-SD+

10. The explosive hydraulic machine for static tests of metals - R-50

11. Installation for static tests of samples of building constructions on a bend and compression - Is made by forces and at the expense of Stroitelstvo department

12. The seismoplatform for definition of dynamic characteristics of buildings - Is made by forces and at the expense of Stroitelstvo department

13. A wind tunnel to creation snego-and peskozanosimost are expensive also creations of a wind stream to power generation on the basis of the wind turbine - Is made by forces and at the expense of Stroitelstvo department