Material base

For fulfillment of successful realization of educational programs on specialties 5В042000 - Architecture and 5В042100 - Design on the department "Architecture" there is a corresponding material and technical base. In particular, there are studios for drawing, painting and sculpture, architectural design studios for educational and scientific research, educational audiences, a computer class with specialized software and Internet access.

Studios for drawing, painting and sculpture provide an opportunity for students to use spacious auditoriums equipped with easels, additional highlights, materials of the full-scale fund (production requisites: household items, draperies, plaster casts, plaster casts, etc.).

The department "Architecture" has a computer class with connection to the Internet: on 20 stationary computers on which the specialized software is installed including: AutoCAD, 3ds MAX, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW and available for students and teachersin independent hours for educational or scientific purposes, also stationary multimedia video projectors are installed in the classrooms.

Directly the department "Architecture" has:

- Educational auditoriums equipped with demonstration materials and cabinets for storing tools and equipment for the practical activities of students;

- Stationary and portable computer, projection equipment and screens (10 stationary computers of a computer class and 4 laptops equipped with necessary programs, 4 stationary and 1 portable multimedia projector);

- Fund of course and diploma architectural projects;

- Methodical manuals, developed by teachers of the department;

- Departmental library of specialized literature available to students;

- Fund of archival materials on architectural monuments of the city, created during the training and fact-finding and measurement practices.