Research work

The department of Life Safety researches topics to the scientific school "Safety in the technosphere and habitat", including:

• Investigation of harmful and dangerous factors in the technosphere, development of methods and means to reduce undesirable events;

• improvement of the air environment in mining industries;

• analysis of occupational injuries at the enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• Investigation of damaging factors of man-caused and natural disasters for the development of new methods of prevention and protection:

• engineering protection of the environment;

• utilization of industrial waste with associated extraction of useful components;


The Department of Life Safety has scientific programs and projects in the field of safety in the technosphere, industrial safety and labor protection, environmental protection, for which the university is the parent organization. The department annually conducts the International Scientific and Practical Conference "New in Technology, Life Safety" together with the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. The department is a member of the organizing committee of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Primorsky Dawns", held at the Federal Far Eastern University, Vladivostok in Russia. Department of Life Safety organized scientific seminars in conjunction with various universities and organizations, which discuss issues on safety in the technosphere. More than 50% of the scientists of the department are members of the International Academy of Ecology and Security Sciences (IAEB).


Doctor PhD, associate professor ZhumadilovaZh.O. Participates in the editorial board and the reviewer of the International scientific journals:

- American Journal of Enviroment Protection;

- International Journal of Materials Science and Applications.