Material base

The total area of laboratories and offices occupied by the Live and Safety and Environment Protection department is 511.9 cm2. Currently the department owns 4 working laboratories, including 3 institutional ones and a scientific one, 5 specialised offices, including one computer room. Among institutional laboratories there is a lab of "labor protection and certification of workplaces", a lab of "industrial sanitation and environment protection", a lab of "modelling of natural and manmade emergency situations". 


Among specialised offices there is an office of "theoretical basic of Life Safety", an office of "Risk assessment, technical regulation of Life Safety and declaration of industrial safety", an office of "legal basics of provision of life safety", an office of "civil defence of emergency situations" and a computer room.


During practical work: 

The quantity and quality of technical equipment and demonstrative materials of appropriate methodical level used during training sessions. 


Apart from the computer room the department owns 17 Personal Computers, 3 laptops, 8 printers, 2 scanners, an interactive board and two video projectors with demonstrative screens. 


The research work of the department is led according to the basics of inter-university scientific centre named "The safety in emergency situations", that has the needed up-to-date equipment. 


Modernisation and expansion of educational and laboratory bases are included in the further plans of the department.