About department



Department history begins since 1968 when in February the order of MHSSE Kazakh SSR was organized by the Department of "Labor protection" of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (KazPTI). The founder and its first head was associate professor, Cand.tech.sci.  Akhmetov Orynbasar Akhmetovich. Together with him, directly involved in the formation of the department took part lecturers Kovrigo A.F., Musin K.A., Kukabaev B.K., Kustov V.N., Ermilov V.V. In 1979 the department was headed the member of  KazSSR professor Chulakov P.Ch. and since 1981 - associate professor, Cand.tech.sci. Askarov S.A.

In June 2000 the department "Labor safety" combined with the department "Life safety" and the combined department named "Safety of work and life". Her head was a professor, Dr.tech.sci.  Utepov E.B. The Department began to publish on specialties 170240 - "Safety of work and life" and 170540 - "Protection in emergency situations". The latest release in these fields was in 2005. Since 2004 the department moved to the credit system of education and prepares students for the specialty 050731 - "Life safety and environmental protection". In 2008 the department was renamed the Department of "Life safety and environmental protection" (LS&EP) from 2008 to 2011 head of the department was prof. Zharaspaev M.T. The department is the largest in the country issuing the department for the preparation of bachelors and masters of life safety. Since its inception, the department issued more than three hundred professionals who work in virtually all sectors of industry. Since October 2011 the department was headed by Dr.tech.sci., prof. Kassenov K.M.

In August - September 2016 at the Department "Life Safety" held a competition for the vacant positions. Head of Department appointed Dr.tech.sci., prof. Utepov E.B. General staff of the department 21 teachers and 3 specialists EAP. There are  4 - Dr.s., tech.sci., , 2 - Dr.PhD,  8 – cand.tech.sci.

Doctor of Sciences is a mentor of young teachers and head of the scientific school of the department.  Among them academician of NAS RK (prof. Suleyev D.K.) and 2 academicians of various public academies (prof. Kassenov K.M., prof. Utepov E.B.). Great importance is attached to the department of professional development of teachers. At the department is constantly working scientific seminar on PTS developed schedule carried out with a discussion of the results at the meetings of the department.

Planned 2-month period or for the academic training of teachers who do not have the manufacturing experience in industrial plants, scientific-research and project organizations.

Encouraged the desire of teachers to conduct educational process in English, but in the long run to implementing the principle of trinity language. 


Purposes and objectives

The purpose is to produce sought-after specialists with relevant professional knowledge and practical skills in their levels, able to make decisions to eliminate and prevent adverse situations.


The objectives are:
- Development of multi-level training system of competitive specialists;
- Formation of ecological awareness, cultural and socially-oriented generation, capable to analyze, predict and solve current environmental and associated social problems, to stimulate the rational use of natural resources, promote ecological awareness and education;
- Training through science knowledge generation in the field of life safety and environmental protection of the environment, skills and abilities to manage information, strive for continuous improvement of research culture;
- The development of subject specific competences in the field of technology through the creation of knowledge in the field of new and innovative technologies, skills and research skills, ability to innovate, initiative and hard work;
- Formation of abilities to control activities, the desire for self-esteem and self-control, to fairness and objectivity of the evaluation;
- Formation of special competence, which is expressed in the formation of knowledge and skills from various areas in the solution of engineering problems with the use of modern scientific and technological base, ability to social partnership and cooperation;
- The development of a specialist in the social sphere, which holds knowledge in the field of human rights (international regulations, legislations RK in the field of LS&EP).
Mission and Strategy 
Department "Life Safety" claims to be the leading country of the department, is an educational, methodical and scientific center, actively influencing the content and scientific and methodological support the training of specialists in the field of "Life safety", training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel for all sectors of industry Kazakhstan.


Strategic direction of the department:
1. Preparation of specialists in demand on the labor market
2. Development of scientific-research activities with the active co-operation with industrial enterprises
3. Development of material and technical base of the department
4. Planed personnel policy
5. Development of external relations and international activities
6. Improving the efficiency of extracurricular work